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Apps, Learning & Google Lens People! - Issue #3


Aaron Weiche

May 18 · Issue #3 · View online

An inbox update featuring a mix of digital marketing, SaaS, leadership and maybe some random.

So much to share. I’m not having a hard time coming across things to put into these newsletters. Thank you to those that have given me feedback on my last issues, you can do this too at the bottom of the email.  It’s awesome to get your notes.  I hope this month’s issue has tons of value for you, that is my only goal.

What I'm Up To
Presenting On Online Reputation
I’m speaking next week in Seattle at the WASSA Conference helping owners of self-storage businesses understand how customer feedback and reviews impact their business.  View the event details …
Be Proud Mom, I Built An App
I’m getting close to wrapping up an iPhone app that will allow restaurants, coffee shops and other food service businesses to capture customer feedback onsite with ease. While your server runs your credit card, you can be sharing some brief feedback on your experience. It’s been fun to take this idea from concept to BETA testing next month in some local restaurants. Maybe you’ll see it first hand and use it yourself.    View the app’s website … 
What I'm Reading
Steve Jobs, The Wrong Silicon Valley Role Model?
We’re all aware of how celebrated Steve Jobs is, from movies to books to his Apple legacy.  But this article looks at how recent Silicon Valley issues with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos are because the Valley has long celebrated that being an asshole is an aspirational trait.  Read the article …
Microsoft’s CEO Gave Some Brilliant Career Advice In 1 Sentence
This Month’s Favorite <3 - If there is one thing I can attribute my own success to it’s the fact I WANT to learn everyday and I make the time to do it.  My industry demands it.  My personal mantra has long been “Go to bed smart and wake up stupid.” that’s how you grow every day.  I won’t bury the headline, his 1 sentence is “Don’t be a know-it-all; be a learn-it-all.”  Love it, so true.  Read the full article …  
Amazon, Here Comes The Advertising
Amazon is making it’s move.  Most of us understand and see the push for more ads in Google, but now Amazon is getting aggressive and might be taking some valuable dollars from Google in the product ad space.View the article …
4 Science-Backed Habits to Make You More Successful
We can all use a bit of motivation and structure when setting goals and working towards achieving them.  Here are 4 habits that research has shown can have a direct impact on your ability to succeed. Science FTW!Read the article … 
Where Things Are Headed
Can Digital Products Be “Timeless”
This is something to strive for.  Can the apps and websites we design and create something that can stand the test of time like a Rolex or a Porsche 911 or my personal all time favorite the 1989 Air Jordan IV (above)?  Explore the possibility of iconic design in the digital world as the article explores can digital products be born with good design — simple, innovative, unobtrusive.   Read the article … 
OMG. Google Lens Is Augmented Reality You Can Actually Use
Yesterday’s Google I/O Developer Conference showcased a slew of features coming to Google Photos very soon.  The show stopper for me was Google Lens that lets you search with your phone’s camera. It’s augmented reality beyond photo filters (ie Snap Chat).  I can’t wait to use this, not only for what it can do but for the near future possibilities. Read the article … 
Thank you for reading, I'll ding your inbox in June.
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