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Google & Facebook, the real big brother. Aaron Weiche - Issue #6


Aaron Weiche

April 10 · Issue #6 · View online

An inbox update featuring a mix of digital marketing, SaaS, leadership and maybe some random.

Consistency is key.  I just don’t always remember that. ;)  It’s been a few months since I’ve gotten my monthly email out, but I’m back in your inbox for April.  2018 is off an running.  My March Madness bracket was horrible, winter won’t end and the American public is finding out that the real big brother isn’t government, it’s Google and Facebook. Enjoy!

What I'm Up To
A Change In My Career
I’m happy to share that I have moved to the CEO position at GetFiveStars. While I’ve been influencing many parts of the company the last few years, I have the opportunity to lead now. We have many incredible plans for our product in 2018 to help businesses maximize their customer’s experience.  Things have gotten incredibly busy, but it’s an exciting time for me and our company.  Read the announcement …
Spring On The Road
Since spring has decided not to show up in Minnesota (another snowfall today even), I’m happy to be on the road a ton in April and May.  I’m speaking at Local University this week in Austin, in Las Vegas in 2 weeks, Chicago for a few meetings and then attending the SaaS Connect conference in San Francisco. 
What I'm Reading
Eventbrite CEO, Julia Hartz
Eventbrite CEO, Julia Hartz
Why Self-Doubt Is A Waste Of Time
A fantastic interview with with Julia Hartz, Co-founder and CEO of Eventbrite. “I’ve learned that any time spent doubting myself is wasted…it’s empty calories.” shared Julia and I couldn’t agree more. This interview covered the amazing growth of Eventbrite, work-life balance, learning to ask for help and more.  Read the article …
More Content In The Google Search Result
Maybe you’ve already ran across this, but Google has introduced a new feature in local search results called Google Questions and Answers.  At a high level, it’s important to note that more and more information is flowing directly into the Google search results, giving consumers an easier path to choose a business WITHOUT visiting their website.  If you need a primer on Google Q&A, want to view a case study and learn how to leverage it, you’ll want to read my partner Mike Blumenthal’s free ebook.Download the ebook …
Facebook and Google are ensuring you are always tracked.
Facebook and Google are ensuring you are always tracked.
You Are Not Alone
You are always known, mostly because Google and Facebook know more about you than anyone or even yourself. Scary right?  For those of us in digital marketing, this isn’t big news.  But with all of the recent Cambridge Analytica and Facebook privacy news,  a new light is on what we all exchange for free technology.   Read the article …
Where Things Are Headed
Want To Hire Me? Just Text Me
Sometimes I marvel at how much communication has shifted to SMS text. As the work force gets younger, tech adoption is furious and attention spans get shorter it’s not a surprise. Companies are already using text to recruit new employees, so maybe interviews, offers and acceptance all over SMS text isn’t that far off.  Read the article …  
Can Tech Stars Save Heath Care?
Affordable heath care continues to cripple much of America.  Could it be that our best bet for a better solution comes from former technology executives? Personal and family medical issues are prompting some of the Silicon Valley’s best tech minds to try to fix our broken health care system. I for one am hopeful.   Read the article …
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