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Return of the Mack, or just my email updates - Issue #7


Aaron Weiche

February 2 · Issue #7 · View online

An inbox update featuring a mix of digital marketing, SaaS, leadership and maybe some random.

Just try to tell me you didn’t sing Return of the Mack when you saw that subject line.
Here’s proof that you can start something, take three years off, and still come back to it. To be fair, I spent that time growing a company and leading it to an acquisition, but still not ideal.
So please forgive me. I bring interesting content, a big personal update, links and humor as an apology. Tell a friend.

Time For Something New For Me
I’ve left my position as CEO of GatherUp. I’ve started a new company, building a software solution to help businesses and their customers communicate faster and more efficiently with messaging. I’m betting the farm on it and I’ll share more soon, but I’m CAPS LOCK EXCITED.
Twitter Threads - All The Rage
Is it just my Twitter feed or is 1 out of every 4 tweets a thread lately? Some are good, some pointless, but I’ll be damned if I don’t read the whole thing! You know it’s become it’s own thing when someone creates a product to make, edit and manage your Twitter Threads. Brian Casel has launched Thready.
Brian Casel
Launched! 🚀 Meet, Thready.

The easiest way to draft, schedule and publish Twitter threads.

Scroll this thread (made in Thready, of course) to see what you can do with it.

First 10 RT's get a free-forever account 🙏
I highly recommend Brian’s podcast with Jordan Gal called Bootstrapped Web, a great look into building and running SaaS products. I’ll share more of my top Twitter threads in coming issues, there are plenty to choose from.
Best Design Tip Ever - More Whitespace ... Yup, More

Now that I’m out of the agency game I can tell you the secret of design:

Add more white space.

That’s it. Have fun.
Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said this in helping build 100’s of websites and marketing materials. It’s so spot on and once you add more white space … you can add even more. Be better with adding more white space to any type of design. Print, web, interior even for Pete’s sake. Thank me later for sharing this insider secret with you.
My Next Sneaker Purchase
If you know me, you know my Jordan addiction. The Jordan 4’s are my favorite (1989 originally) and this upcoming North Carolina blue release is insane. Wish me luck in the Nike lottery.
Nice Kicks
Some more on-foot shots have surfaced of the “University Blue” Air Jordan 4. 🥶
👀 Product Watch: SavvyCal
I want to call out a SaaS product I’m watching, stalking or admiring in each issue. This month it’s SavvyCal. Founder Derrick Reimer of Drip fame is taking scheduling and Calendly head-on creating a visually sound product. Check it out and best of luck Derrick.
Scheduling Software Your Recipients Will Love · SavvyCal
Thank You
I appreciate you welcoming me back and not sending me to spam. I’ll keep working on bringing insight, new things, humor and maybe Jordan drops. If this only made you want more, you can always listen to The SaaS Venture podcast, Darren Shaw and I just crossed 25 episodes. See you soon, PROMISE!
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