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What's next: No more websites or desks? - Issue #5


Aaron Weiche

October 10 · Issue #5 · View online

An inbox update featuring a mix of digital marketing, SaaS, leadership and maybe some random.

What a summer … and that led to a long pause, but I’m back in your inbox. A month long trip to Australia was the highlight for sure. In this issue are some great articles that have caught my eye this past month or so, I hope you get inspired, reflect or learn something new. Thanks for letting me share with you!

(my fav pic at diving at the Great Barrier Reef)
(my fav pic at diving at the Great Barrier Reef)
What I'm Up To
LocalU Advanced - Santa Monica, November 16th
A jam packed day of local digital marketing in southern California. I’m lucky to be part of a line-up of over a dozen talented experts. I’ll be presenting on how to obsess over a review strategy, not the tactics.  Learn more …
Marine Dealer Conference & Expo - Orlando, December 10-13th
The Marine Dealer Conference & Expo is for the most forward-thinking, successful marine dealerships in the US.  This will be my 3rd year presenting and I’ll be covering Google’s impact on local lead generation.Learn more …
What I'm Reading
Misuse of An iPhone? It’s The Constant Use Says Apple’s Jonny Ive
When Apple design chief Jony Ive was asked what constitutes “misuse” of an iPhone, Ive replied “perhaps constant use.”  That’s a head turner. How about this number … A 2017 ComScore report says American adults spend 2 hours, 51 minutes on their smartphones every day.  Read the article …
It’s Not About Money, It’s About Time
In a similar theme to the article above, this one looks at how tech is destroying the most important asset in your life … time.  It’s hard to argue with the points in this article but I appreciated a few of the suggestions, especially “Ruthless Single-Tasking”, I’m going to try that.  Read the article …
What’s Eating The Economy? It Could Be Restaurant Jobs
Restaurant jobs are on fire in 2017, growing faster than health care, construction, or manufacturing.  At current rates of growth, more people will work at restaurants than in manufacturing in 2020.  But is this a good thing for our economy?  Read the article …
Where Things Are Headed
Death To The Desk
New office designs are coming to a workplace near you, with layouts meant to cater to the variety of tasks in your day. Put another way, it means people don’t sit in just one place.  I’m a fan, my last agency was set-up this way and I worked daily in a variety of spots.  Read the article …
Does Your Website Even Matter Anymore?
Here is a two-fer for you.  First is a fantastic and detailed article from my friend and business partner Mike Blumenthal. His article “Google As The New Home Page” looks at how today’s Google search results provide enough information to help consumers without a click to a site.Read the article …
I just posted an article looking at small businesses that are forgoing a website and just using Facebook as their home page.  It’s not crazy and when done right you miss out on very little.  Read the article …
Let's talk again in Novmber
Thanks for reading, I’ll be back in November with more to share. If you know someone that would benefit from my email, please forward them this mail or send them to to join the list. 
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